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About Walker Billboard


Buy a Backpack Billboard.
Free Carry Case Included.
ON SALE from $429.00


What are walker billboards?

Walker Billboards are backpack billboards with an aluminum frame to keep them light and portable. Depending on whatever model you choose, they include onboard batteries that can power the LED lights for up to twelve hours.

The lighting impression is created by the interior LED lights shining through the media that is printed on backlit film.

The LED lights are powered by rechargeable onboard batteries. To charge the billboard, simply plug the converter into a wall socket and connect to the input. Our Human Billboard looks fantastic at any time of day or night.


The media posters can be printed locally and easily changeable just by just opening the snap frame and putting the media on the inner glass.

Highly visible front media

One of the great features about the Walker Billboard is the size as it stands almost 7' tall when worn. Your audience will see the street team member from a distance. The media area is on the front is approximately 24" x 24".

Walker Billboard go anywhere a person can go. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.



From the back, the walker billboard is spectacular. It perfectly captures your audience attention with over 60" by 24" advertising area and a modern appearance sleek design. Outdoor advertising has been around for a long time, but walker billboards are relatively new, so your street team can promote the brand in a fresh, new way.

This is the future of promoting brands or product through street media.  Message are being sent out fast and direct to the consumer in an eye-catching way. 

Our walker billboards only deliver high-impact mobile advertising campaigns that engage viewers in a unique, creative, and environmentally friendly way. Advertisers can reach large, targeted audiences in a way that other traditional forms of media can only dream of with our mobile billboards!

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