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8 Outdoor Marketing Strategies Used by the Biggest Brands In The World

Updated: Oct 24

When most people hear the term "outdoor marketing," they envision old-fashioned, archaic, and uncool street advertising. And you can't blame them, given the impact of the digital shift. Ventures that turn their backs on outdoor marketing, on the other hand, miss out on a plethora of opportunities.

Outdoor advertising has been tried and tested. Just look around you at the billboards, and you'll notice that even the most well-known brands are still using them! Want to put your outdoor marketing strategies to use but lack the creative skills to create designs? Keep reading until the end to receive a walker billboard coupon code for 10% off our static walker billboard.

Does Outdoor Advertising Still Work?

Some people believe that because of the rise of digital marketing, street marketing has lost its ability to influence people. But, if that were the case, we wouldn't see any outdoor advertising around us, would we?

Here are a few examples of why outdoor advertising is still effective in the age of the information superhighway:

  • Many people spend a significant portion of their day outside of their homes. In fact, it is estimated that people spend 6.28 hours per day engaging in outdoor activities. During this time, outdoor marketing is the most effective way to reach your target audience and capture their attention.

  • Advertising on the street is unavoidable. A billboard cannot be hidden in the same way that a popup window can be closed. And as a result, they end up consuming information without even realizing it.

  • It's pervasive while also being subtle. Nobody forces you to look at it, but it's so obvious – and sometimes so compelling – that you can't help but notice it.

  • Outdoor marketing does an excellent job of reminding people of your brand on a regular basis. Remember that visibility breeds familiarity. And familiarity fosters trust. If you want to reach out to your customers and build some trust, outdoor marketing can help you more than you think.

To get you started, here are some tried-and-true outdoor marketing strategies that can increase brand visibility:

1. Walker Billboards

Walker billboard ads should be on your list of strategies if you want to make a big impression. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, 2020 Q1 revenues were 4.8 percent higher than in 2019, demonstrating the industry's consistent growth.

Walker Billboards have become much more creative in terms of form and content as technology has advanced.

Moving and digital billboards, for example, have enabled brands to make an even stronger impression on commuters. After all, an oversized visual is eye-catching enough on its own; combine it with moving graphics, and you're sure to turn heads.

When it comes to walker billboard advertising, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When it comes to walker billboard advertisements, size and location are extremely important.

  • You must make your walker billboard unmistakable.

  • The more creative and entertaining your billboard, the greater the impact on your customers.

Suggestion: Your walker billboard design should be eye-catching but not distracting. You don't want your company's name to be remembered for the wrong reasons!

2. Transit Advertising

Transit advertising appears on public transportation (buses, trains, subways, and so on) or in public transportation areas (bus station, subway station, airports, etc.). These advertisements can be attached directly to the vehicle, such as car and train decals. Similarly, it could take the form of posters and live boards placed near platforms or waiting areas.

Advertising opportunities exist wherever people are waiting. The goal of transit advertising is to keep your ads in front of riders and familiarize them with your brand.

3. Advertising on Street Furniture

Street furniture advertising entails displaying your advertisements on equipment such as benches, bus shelters, kiosks, and parking garages. This type of advertisement is primarily aimed at pedestrians.

In general, this type of advertisement allows for the inclusion of some details in the ad. The audience for a street furniture ad usually has the time to look at the ad and even take pictures of it.

If you want to use street furniture ads to promote your brand, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Make certain that the design specifications are precise and tailored to the unusual surfaces that will hold the advertisements.

  • Again, you don't want to create an eyesore by using a color palette with clashing hues.

  • Keep the text brief. Because your audience will most likely be on the move while viewing the ad, keep it simple. For example, this sample created by one of our designers depicts a simple design that would look great on a bench backrest or a waiting shed.

4. Displays at Points of Sale

This type of advertising is placed near the point of sale, such as the checkout section at a store. Customers' attention is drawn to point of sale displays at the point of purchase.

Here are some examples of point-of-purchase displays:

  • Shelf edging for free-standing display units (FSDU)

  • Dummy packages

  • Display packs

  • Standees

  • Counter display units (CDU)

This type of advertising is effective because it targets a ready-to-buy audience. People are more likely to add another item to their purchase if they are already purchasing. Having said that, it's a great opportunity to offer discounts to entice customers to buy.

5. Retail Promotion

Retail advertisements typically promote a product or brand available in the retail location and invite customers to visit the store. They cover a lot of space on walls, roofs, floors, windows, and screens. In the same vein, they can be newspaper inserts or even flyers.

Here are a few characteristics of this ad type:

  • Unlike traditional banners or billboards, the primary goal of retail advertising is not to raise brand awareness.

  • The primary goal of retail advertising is to entice customers to visit a nearby store.

FOR EXAMPLE, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ADVERTISING ARTWORK CREATED BY ONE OF OUR DESIGNERS. To persuade prospects to buy, the flyer leverages the power of images (look at those delectable-looking doughnuts) and the effect of value (price bundles offered).

6. Promotional Stickers

Stickers have long played an essential role in the political and creative realms. They are inexpensive and long-lasting. Politicians and musicians have both used stickers to gain visibility and promote their names.

Stickers, despite their lack of popularity in marketing, can be an effective outdoor marketing technique for your company. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Customers become brand ambassadors when you give them stickers. They are instantly marketing your business when they use those stickers on their laptops, water hugs, or other items.

  • Freebies are quite popular. Furthermore, by including stickers with purchases or during events, you're giving your audience the impression that you're providing them with additional value.

  • Sticker marketing is long-lasting. Customers can keep them for as long as they like, unlike digital freebies like wallpapers or eBooks.

Suggestion: Make sure your sticker features creative images, such as this one created. People should find the stickers appealing enough to want to stick them on their belongings. Otherwise, the ink and adhesive will be squandered.

7. Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is an alternative outdoor marketing strategy that attracts customers through creative and one-of-a-kind advertising. It's a low-cost strategy that's unlike anything customers have seen before. Guerilla outdoor marketing is all about experimenting and attempting new innovative and cost-effective marketing ideas in order to maximize results.

Guerilla marketing works because it is creative and witty. It not only draws people's attention but also generates social media buzz.

Here are a few examples of guerilla marketing in action:

  • Installations of art: Do you want to attract attention? Consider displaying a massive version of your product in a high-traffic area. This is something we've all seen done before, and it always turns heads.

  • Ads on the floor Ads are commonly seen on walls, benches, and even vehicles. One surefire way to catch your audience’s attention (at least those on the upper floors of a building) is by placing your ad on the ground floor.

  • Placing your ad on the ground floor is a surefire way to catch your audience's attention (at least those on the upper floors of a building).

  • Mobs. They may appear to be from the early 2010s, but you have to admit – those things have an impact! Plus, there's the added benefit of going viral, so it's a hybrid of traditional and digital marketing.

8. Events & Exhibition

Consider outdoor events if you want a disruptive outdoor marketing campaign that channels energy and has a human touch. Here are some examples of events you could host to promote your brand:

  • Miniature concerts

  • Auto shows

  • Product demonstration

  • Trials of free products

  • Promotions for Free Taste Games

The great thing about outdoor events is that they are difficult to miss. People are naturally drawn to commotions, and if they notice a crowd huddled around your venue, they will look and pay attention.

Tips for a Successful Outdoor Marketing Campaign

Without a doubt, design is important in outdoor marketing. Aside from ensuring that your ad is visually appealing, here are a few more pointers to help your campaign succeed:

Make them easily shareable.

Create out-of-the-box outdoor marketing strategies so that when people see your billboard, they will want to take a picture or video and share it online. You're getting noticed even though you're being advertised for free! Make a stir and shock them, but don't go overboard and provoke violent reactions; you want them to notice you, not hate you.

Choose high-traffic areas.

As the saying goes, little is more, so if you're planning on acquiring a large-scale transportation advertisement but it's in a location where only a few people can see it, you're squandering an excellent opportunity. Even if your billboards or advertisements are small, choose high-traffic regions. Instead of having a large ad that no one looks at, the most important thing is to get more people to view your adverts.

Examine the Competitors

Make sure your advertising outperforms the competition's. Look before you leap, so conduct some research to see where your competitors' advertising is placed and how they look. To have a decent fighting chance at winning in this outdoor marketing game, you need to know who your enemies are.


Outdoor marketing efforts are still used by all of the huge brands, and they're hugely successful. Here are some crucial points to remember when you develop your outdoor advertising campaign:

  • Outdoor marketing tactics are still effective, despite the rise of online marketing.

  • When it comes to billboards and outdoor furniture advertisements, location is essential. Consider other factors such as surrounding facilities, establishments, and transportation while choosing a high-traffic region.

  • Grasping your audience's attention doesn't always imply generating an eyesore outside. Keep your designs simple and clear; your prospects must be able to absorb the information without having to interrupt what they're doing.

Customers' attention may have shifted to digital marketing, but outdoor advertising continues to hold a special place in their hearts.

Customers will stroll, drive, and move around the streets, therefore outdoor marketing will continue to be viable. And no one can stare at a billboard in front of them without glancing at it.

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